Why Myfreshbag.com ?

[A] Save Your valuable Time

Purchasing of vegetables and fruits in Tricity has become very hectic and time consuming. But now you can place your order while relaxing at your home , travelling with your family or sitting in your office and spend your precious time with your family and loved ones or doing some productive activity.

[B] Hygiene and quality

We ensure that most of the products are procured directly from the farmers/best sources at nearby places with no compromise on quality. We maintain best hygienic standards till delivery of products at your door step. Sorting , cleaning and packing process are carried out in air conditioned environment and it is ensured that after cleaning , products are untouched by hands till they reach you. Since procurement and delivery is done on the same day , freshness of the products is ensured to the best of your satisfaction.

[C] Major Problems at Vegetable markets

How to go , Traffic jams ,Unhygienic and suffocating atmosphere, parking chaos , pick pocketing , no safety of women/children/senior citizens , price bargaining , cheating in weighing , use of contaminated water to maintain freshness, visiting different vendors to purchase your requirements, no insurance of quality and freshness , carrying purchased products to your vehicles, weather ( Too hot , too cold or rainy ) may disturb your shopping , possibility of use of dangerous chemicals/artificial colors . By placing order on us you get rid off all these problems.

[D] Reasonable Price of Products and value For Money

Since we procure most of the products directly from the farms bypassing the mediators such as direct purchasers-wholesellers-retailers and deliver at your door step almost on the same day which otherwise takes time to reach you resulting in loss of freshness and enhancing the price As we have adopted a direct purchase and delivery system , we don't need display stores or big shops thereby reducing the total expenditure on the whole process. Hence our prices are most competent and reasonable as compared to the market prices. Moreover this helps in retaining the freshness and nutrient value of the products .

[E] Ultrasonic cleaned fruits and vegetables

Cleaning of the fruits and vegetables is carried out by our experienced and well trained staff with advanced ultrasonical technique and RO water to ensure you get fruits and vegetables that are free from dangerous pesticides, chemicals ,fungicides, artificial ripening agents etc.

[F] Free home delivery

We deliver your order free of cost at your door step at the day and time of your convenience.

[G] Easy To Place Orders

You can place your order using any of the following method :-

1. On our website myfreshbag.com.

2. via mobile App myfreshbag.

3. Via Call, SMS or Whatsapp :  82 88 800 800.

[H] Care For Loved Ones

NRIs or the people residing/serving out of tricity having their family, parents or children living in tricity can place the orders from anywhere using our different ordering options and we will be very happy to serve them.

[J] Cash On Delivery

Payments can be made in cash in INR once the goods are delivered at your home.

[K] Charging As Per Actual Weight

Sometimes the quantity of any of the goods can a little vary from the actually ordered e.g. Suppose an order is placed for 2 kg of tomatoes but actual weight is 1.950 kg or 2.100 kg . Than billing shall be done for the actual weighed quantity only. For weighing we use high quality electronic weighing machines only.

[L] Return policy

Though we ensure and guarantee highest quality standards along with 100% correct quantity as per your orders, in case you are not satisfied with the quality we promise full refund/return.