MyFreshBag.com has been one of the fastest growing online store providing fresh fruits and vegetables to your doorsteps. MyFreshBag deny taking responsibilities of certain things that may be found on our website and that people might find violating their privacy or any such thing.

Information Sharing

MyFreshBag.com comes with a set of rules in terms of privacy of the data of its users baptized as Privacy Policy. However, any information shared from our site whatsoever will be result of third party links present on our website. MyFreshBag.com does not take any responsibilities of the third party links present on the site. Users sharing information on the sites directed by these links will be solely responsible for their personal, professional, account information leaked and misused by anyone.


MyFreshBag.com tries with their utmost efforts to bring fresh and crispier vegetables and fruits to all its customers. We are also committed to our word of cleaning every piece with the best technology used in cleansing. However, we do not take any guarantee that every piece you receive will be perfect. We cannot clean the internally rotted fruits and vegetables that can come in your packaging.


MyFreshBag.com is fully in authority of the prices shown for every product on our website. The market price shown on MyFreshBag.com is not from a certain Mandi or Market. It might vary from place to place. You may find our prices high from some mandis and low from some. We have every right to change our prices any time without any prior notice to our clients. However, with the type of service and top-notch quality we offer, you will find every penny worth spending.

We have all the authority to change and modify our policies, sometimes with a prior notice and sometimes without. Users are required to keep timely check on the terms to stay updated.