The most popular fruit in Asia, sweet potato, has become a popular source of protein for the poor in the developing world, but it has become an obstacle for many Americans.

That’s because the fruit’s popularity has led to a shift in the market, as consumers have become more willing to buy vegetables, fruits and berries instead.

In Asia, that’s led to the rise of sweet potatoes, which have long been the cheapest and most nutritious option for people living in the tropics.

That trend is set to continue as the country’s population ages, which will require more people to be able to afford the fruits and vegetables grown for their growing families.

Read moreRead moreThe impact of that shift has been felt in some key food-stamp programs.

In China, the government has cut the price of rice and other staple staples to encourage the consumption of healthier options.

That shift is also playing out in India, where some Indian restaurants have begun selling sweet potatoes and other low-cost vegetables instead of rice.

In addition, Chinese consumers have been increasingly buying organic produce, according to a recent report from the World Bank.

“I think we’re seeing more and more Chinese consumers becoming more conscious of what they’re buying, and that they’re eating healthier,” said Elizabeth Rieckhoff, director of the China Center for Food Security at the University of Minnesota.

“In a lot of ways, we’re in a similar place as India, but in some ways, more Chinese people are being open to that idea that vegetables are a healthy alternative to rice,” she said.

Even the country with the most nutritious food is having its share of challenges.

India is struggling with a severe pandemic, and many people in the developed world are still struggling to afford enough food.

But Rieekhoff said there’s a glimmer of hope that people in developing countries will be able take advantage of the new varieties that are being grown to feed their families.

“It’s a good sign that they are getting more organic vegetables,” Rieckerhoff said.

“It’s not a silver bullet, but I think they’re beginning to recognize the potential that organic vegetables have in terms of a good diet.”


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