Circus fruits, the sweetest of fruits, are ripe from March until November and are sold at grocery stores and specialty shops.

But they’re getting a bad rap because they are often too sweet.

This week, a California court ordered a ban on sale and labeling of circus fruits, and a federal appeals court ruled that the federal government has a right to regulate the trade.

The Food and Drug Administration has the authority to regulate food and drugs, and the federal agency can issue regulations.

In its order, the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said circus fruits are “too sweet” and “contrary to the public health.”

The judge said the FDA can’t ban circus fruits because the fruit’s health benefits outweigh the risks.

The appeals court found that the FDA could ban the trade, but that it shouldn’t do so because the fruits are a part of the circus industry and are not considered a food, medicine or other product by the agency.

The case is U. S. v.

Hines, 9th Circuit, No. 10-1056.

For the full story, see our roundup of circus fruit news.

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rules for new fruit in ‘toxicological research’The USDA has approved a new plant, a small fruit from the circus fruit family, for toxicological research and will recommend approval of the new plant for a regulatory filing later this month.

The plant, known as the Fruitiona, is being developed to study the effects of fruit extractions on liver and other organs of animals, such as rodents.

The Fruitionsa has already been approved for human use by the USDA’s Food and Drugs Administration, but is not currently being marketed to consumers.

The FDA said it will recommend that the plant be approved as a food for the general public.

The agency has also approved the new Fruitesa for research on the effects that fruits and other fruit extracts have on human health.

The FDA also approved a research facility in Virginia to conduct preliminary studies on the Fruitsia.

The company that owns the facility, Fruitecis Biotechnology LLC, has raised about $100 million for the research.

In a news release, the company said it plans to continue its work to develop a novel toxin-producing gene to develop new products.


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